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Does Using Reusable Puppy Pads Make You a Bad Pet Parent?

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When we welcome a puppy into our household, we commit to providing them with the happiest and most comfortable life they could ever have. And, this takes determination and patience to train them, care for their needs, and look after their health. And from puppyhood to their senior years, reusable puppy pads ( we always recommend a more eco-friendly option) could be an essential aid for pet parents.

As puppy parents, you may find that despite your commitment to housetrain, your efforts do not bring 100% success. Training is a process that takes time with lots of consistent repetition and the proper access to outdoor space.

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Where am I supposed to go pee?

And then there are the nervous or excited leakers, whose bladders are just uncooperative. What about the trained adult dog who has started to leave pee puddles overnight signalling the possible onset of incontinence? A sick pet who relies on us for help; a senior pooch who is struggling to control their bladder; all these situations can become a messy business. 

Dog parents who deal with these situations resort to puppy pads. Disposable or reusable, washable puppy pads. And if you opt for incontinence pads for dogs and allow your dog to do their business inside, should you be judged as a bad parent?

Many social media platforms have unsympathetic comments that can make pet parents dealing with these issues think that they are doing something wrong. For short, the message is they are bad parents and are not worthy of caring for their furry baby.

Be assured that you are not a bad dog parent – et’s look at the many reasons why your choice to use puppy pads might be the best compassionate and sustainable option. 

Understanding Your Dog’s Incontinence 

Urinary incontinence refers to a condition by which your pet will involuntarily leak urine. This condition can affect dogs of all ages, but some factors, including age, weight, genetics, and spaying or neutering, can increase the likelihood of reduced bladder control. For example, over 20% of spayed female dogs are affected by incontinence. 

There are many causes behind your dog’s incontinence:

  • Poor or limited training – this is common in puppies who are not yet house trained
  • Submissive urination – this relates to involuntary urine leakage caused by situations of stress or excitement
  • Elderly dogs who have reduced bladder control or are affected by underlying health conditions. 
  • Medical conditions – conditions such as urine blockage, urine infection, cancer, spinal issues, prostate problems, and USMI can also lead to incontinence. 

If you have noticed that your dog has started to leave behind urine patches, or you find puddles in the morning, your dog might be incontinent. While incontinence can seem nothing more than an annoyance at first, it can be a telltale sign of neurological or physiological problems. So you should never skip a visit to the vet. 

Luckily, most pets affected by incontinence react well to medication and treatments. Meanwhile, washable and reusable puppy pads can be the right solution for you and your pet. 

Washable Puppy Pads: The Right Solution For Your Pet’s Living Environment

Each pet owner will have a unique experience with their pet. For some, having a pet is a breeze! And, for these owners, it is easy to judge other situations and offer guidelines that might not always be relevant. However, when facing criticism, it is always worth remembering that your puppy is unique – and so is her living arrangements, medical history, and training. 

For example, you might need to use a dog pee pad due to inaccessible outdoor space or urban living. Or, your senior dog might be fighting incontinence, but he can’t always go up and down the stairs to pass urine. 

Depending on your dog’s unique situation, reusable puppy pads might be a great solution during training or to provide adult pooches with a dry, hygienic pad at all times.  

Reusable Puppy Pads: A Compassionate And Sustainable Solution

The animal’s problematic behaviour accounts for over 10% of all dog abandonments. When many owners can’t deal with incontinence and submissive urination, they turn to shelters. 

Using reusable and washable puppy pads means that you will continue caring for your dog while limiting your disposable products usage and doing something great for the environment!