Are you still using disposable puppy pads?

Make the Switch to Washable Puppy Pads

“Can we get washable dog pads instead?” – #maisiecockapoo

If you have committed to living as sustainably as possible, the chances are that you are looking for new ways to reduce your household’s environmental impact further. From simple swaps (from disposable to reusable products) to your diet (from an omnivore to a plant-based diet), you have made changes that touch on all aspects of your lifestyle. 

So, it does not come as a surprise that you wish to reduce the environmental impact that your pet’s lifestyle might have. And, the dog pads used during training or your pet’s senior years create large quantities of trash destined to landfill. That is why an increasing number of environment-conscious pet parents have started to switch to more sustainable washable puppy pads. After all, who would want to use products that, similarly to diapers, take over 500 years to disintegrate?! Here are the benefits of switching to reusable puppy pads today. 

The Environmental Impact of Our Pets

Undeniably, welcoming home a puppy from a rescue or a shelter is a noble choice. And, of course, each pet parent is fully committed to giving their pet the life they deserve. However, the impact that pets have on the environment is something not to be ignored. Recent studies have found that pets are responsible for over 64 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, which is the equivalent of driving 13.6 million cars.

In turn, limiting the environmental footprint of our dog or cat has become paramount to reduce the household’s impact. Over 30% of the impact of pets on the environment is linked to their meat-heavy diet – but changing their lifestyle so radically might not be a healthy choice. 

So, where else to start reducing their footprint if not from the products you use for your pet’s everyday care? From pee pads to toys and dog waste bags, your furry friend uses much more plastic and single-use products than we often realize. Luckily, today, there is always a convenient swap to make!

The Benefits of Reusable Puppy Pads

Dog pee pads and pet training pads are a must-have for all owners. They allow you to smoothly housebreak your puppy, remedy your senior dog’s incontinence episodes, and be a solution to unforeseen pee accidents. 

However, just because you have always used disposable pee pads, it does not mean that there are not better solutions out there – check out washable and reusable absorbent pads like the Millie Mats Washable Dog Pad.

“This is better. Can you get another one for Molly? I don’t share.” – #Maisie Cockapoo

They Are The Most Sustainable Choice

As we have seen, puppy pads take over five centuries to disintegrate, and in the meanwhile, they end up in landfills and into our oceans. Naturally, they are convenient – once soiled, all you need to do is dispose of them. But is this convenience worth the harm they cause to the environment? Thanks to washable and reusable pads, you won’t need to compromise between sustainability and convenience. 

They Are More Stylish

White, urine-stained pads around the house? There is no longer need for this eyesore! Your guests and your family members should always walk into a clean, hygienic environment – without having to deal with the smell and look of urine. 

They Are Efficient

Dogs – especially puppies – love to tear tissue paper apart. However, they don’t always see the difference between clean tissue and soiled urine-soaked pee pads. Reusable pet pats are a great solution to stop them from carrying particles of urine and dirt around the house. 

They Are More Cost-Effective

Reusable mats might seem pricier at first, but how often are you changing your dog’s crate tray or pee pad? Aside from costing the environment, these products are not kind on your wallet either! 

Over time, they can represent a considerable cost and might add to the level of waste produced by the household. Oppositely, reusable, washable pads are long-lasting, tear-proof, and better fitting the house’s aesthetics.