Gucci Toy Chihuahua

Ubear Snuggling With Gucci Circa 2004

Millie Golden Labrador

12 Week Old Millie Doing Her business Circa 2003

Millie Mats Washable Training Pads was created because of the experience I had raising a teacup Chihuahua and a Labrador.

Gucci, our teacup Chihuahua (my daughter’s chihuahua) lived until the ripe old age of 11 never learned the polite way of going out to do her business.

Size Matters

Her vet explained that due to her size, a mere 4 pound, 8 inches long from nose to tail, our house was already quite a big world to her. Determining outside and “clean area” for her is only a matter of a few feet away from where her dog bowl is. And when she reached her senior years, incontinence became an even bigger issue. We had to use disposable training pads all through her life. And that is, unfortunately thousands of waste contributed to the environment.

Millie, our Labrador, came to our family when she was only 12 weeks old. I remember all too well the challenges of housebreaking a puppy while living on the 14th floor of a Manhattan Hi-rise, where outside space is not easily and quickly accessible. Surely, puppy owners know how often puppies need to do their business when they are still learning proper toilet habits (10x a day…and night). Again, disposable training pads came to the rescue and were very helpful but they were costly and most of all, environmentally unfriendly.

Quick Learner

Unlike Gucci, Millie was house broken in a matter of weeks and I credit this not only to our consistent training but most of all to crate training. I am a big advocate of crate training and recommend this to every pet parent. I believe Millie learned good behaviour because of the patience practiced in crate training. Now, that is a subject for another day.

Happens To The Best Of Them

Millie is now in her senior years. At 15 years old, her hind legs are showing weakness and is unable to push herself up anymore. She is also showing signs of incontinence and I am again faced with the issue of having to use disposable training pads. This time, I wanted to try and find a better, more eco-friendly solution to this.

No Better Time Than Now

After months of careful design for a washable, reusable and recyclable training pad which can provide multi-purpose functionality while not disrupting the aesthetics of one’s home surroundings, Millie Mats was born.

Millie Mats have since expanded their product line to include pet beds and pet cots.