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How to Help Your Dog Deal with Separation Anxiety

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If you’ve been working from home with your pet during this pandemic, you know having a four-legged co-worker can be such a joy. But, as we come out of lockdown, going back to work, there’s a high chance that your pet will experience separation anxiety.

What Happens to Pets Who Experience Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety happens when pets who are extremely attached to their owner are left alone. Pets who experience separation anxiety often manifest the following behaviours:

  • Barking, howling, and whining
  • Chewing up of almost anything
  • Scratching at windows and doors
  • Drooling, panging, or salivating as a form of expressing stress
  • Having indoor incidents even though they are housebroken
  • Attempting to escape

As a result, you might end up with a destroyed property, upset neighbours, and a depressed and insecure dog.

How You can Keep Your Pet from Having Separation Anxiety

If you are anticipating but want to avoid any or all of the symptoms above, here are a few things you can do:

Give Your Pet Something to Play With

Your furry friend needs something to do during the hours you aren’t around. Leaving them a stimulating toy or a kong in their crate or space can keep them occupied for a long time. Make sure they also have enough room to get up and move around.

Give Your Pet Something with Your Scent

Your pet knows and loves your scent. You’ve probably discovered how dogs love to get into your laundry to steal your socks or random clothing—simply because they smell like you. It’s what defines home for them, and being able to sense your presence if you are not around can bring them comfort and alleviate separation anxiety. Use a Millie Mats dog bed cover and fill it with clothes, socks, any soft material that has your scent in it. They can feel close to you until you are reunited at the end of the day.

Items to place on your Millie Mats cover so your dog won't have separation anxiety

If You’re Travelling with Your Pet…

Travelling with a pet can be challenging. Some dogs get anxious and car sick during trips. Unfamiliar places can also spook dogs. A Millie Mats faux fur dog bed cover with familiar smells from home not only creates an instant bed for your pup (tip: you can even fill it with your laundry during your trip!), but it also makes for light packing rather than taking a bulky, cumbersome bed.

A pet parent’s inability to cope with separation anxiety issues is one reason why many dogs end up in shelters. Before frustration gets the better of you, try this scent filled technique with a Millie Mats Faux Fur Bed Cover coupled with a treat-filled toy for your fur babies to busy themselves with. It may take some time for them to adjust but keep at it. They are certainly 100% worth it.

Millie Mats - two dogs in a suitcase with separation anxiety

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