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Dog Tug Toy with Handle

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Exercise and bond with your dog at the same time.

We know how important exercise is to our pets. Sometimes long walks are not possible, so how do we get the most out of the time we spend with our fur baby?

Squirrel Patrol dog tug toy gives you the following benefits:

  • Get your dog’s attention and excited with the faux fur look alike animal tail so they engage in play and exercise.
  • Their body movement and teeth action in tugging, catching, chasing and biting the toy provides calorie burning activity that is good for their health. At the same time, providing mental stimulation, which as we know is also a critical aspect of their exercise regime.
  • The tug toy handle is carefully sized so tugging action does not cause any arm strain and at the same time the long tail and narrow width provides the pet with enough area to bite and hold.
  • When playing, make sure not to make it too hard for the dog to catch the tail to encourage confidence in successful pursuit. Also, when tugging, best to give a little tug a little (go with the pressure your dog can handle with some positive pleasure), always giving them a sense of a win and a challenge at the same time.
  • This type of interactive play with your dog is an excellent bonding experience. Not only does your dog get exercised, but you get a good high intensity workout as well as you tease and tug with your dog.
  • High intensity workout that gets your heart rate up is not only beneficial for humans but is a definite positive for dogs.

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