Millie Mats Reusable Pads-Small 53 x 36 cm (2 Pack ) - Washable Puppy Pads, Pet Beds, Pet Essentials

Millie Mats Reusable Pads-Small 53 x 36 cm (2 Pack )

Original price was: £19.95.Current price is: £12.95.

  • Easy on your wallet: Not only is this quality mat priced to encourage disposable users to give washables a try, but there is a random lottery of certain parcels that can win you the product for free.
  • Cost-Effective: Disposables can cost you 25 to 30 quid for 100 pcs. Millie Mats cost 12.95 (SALE PRICE) for 2 pads, each with durability for 300 washes each. You do the math.
  • Quality Material: Made up of 4 layers with a 270 gsm absorbent soaker, the mat can hold up to 2 cups of water (for this size). No more chewing up disposables or dragging the soiled pad around the house for fun. The little effort to throw these in the wash vs throwing disposables away that clogs the landfill will be all worth it.
  • How do we compare to other brands? We are a UK family business with 2 full-time dog staffers who constantly give us product feedback in exchange for treats & belly rubs. Come to think of it – they are the bosses.

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