Millie Mats for Guinea Pigs 2 Pack - Washable Puppy Pads, Pet Beds, Pet Essentials

Millie Mats for Guinea Pigs 2 Pack

Original price was: £32.00.Current price is: £29.95.

SIZE: 80 X 90 cm – Two Pack

Easy to clean reusable pads are handy as a crate liner. Just use a broom and dustpan to sweep piggie poo away.

The quilt is made of 4 layers:

Top layer – quilted polyester is soft to the touch

2nd layer – 270 gsm absorbent high-density layer – soaks up more liquid away from the top layer

3rd layer – breathable waterproof membrane layer that not only controls odour and bacteria but also prevents pee to leak into the backing and keep your surface dry.

4th layer – anti-slip dots to prevent shifting