Getting your dog successfully housetrained is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a pet parent.

The first thing a pet parent will be tested with is patience. Patience to teach your pup proper toilet habits can be challenging. But, once done, it can be most rewarding because you and your dog have accomplished something through teamwork.

  • Position a Millie Mat where you want to designate as a toilet area.
  • Puppies have small bladders, so what goes in, must come out..quickly.
  • Lead the puppy to the area and use a command like “go wee”. You may have to say this a few times because repetition is key..
  • Once they go, say “good go wee” to instill the command about the action. Lavish them with praise and offer a small treat.
  • Repeat this process. Other times to do this would be when you see them sniffing around with urgency, this is a sign that they need to do their business.
  • If your puppy was trained to go on disposable puppy pads and you are now switching to Millie Mats Washables, follow the directions below:
  • Lay the disposable puppy pad on top of a Millie Mat to allow your dog to get used to the sight and smell of the washable pads in spots they already know as their toilet.
    Remove the disposable pad after a few days and when the pup goes on Millie Mats, give him lots of praise and a treat.