While you do the hard work of house training, Millie Mats will protect your floors, carpet, car, furniture or bed from puppy accidents.  Millie Mats is made of 270 GSM absorbency material that can hold four cups of water without leaking.

So, you ask, “What about it being waterproof?”.  Waterproof top is good if you want to follow up with a manual clean-up and soaking up the liquid.  In this case, I would assume that you would rather have the liquid absorb into the mat and not puddle. 

Waterproof will cause puddling which then gets their paws wet to leave a trail as they walk off the mat.  Also, if you have a sick incontinent dog, this will mean they would lie on the puddle instead of having it soaked through so they don’t sit, lay on their own mess (just in case of your absence when a quick clean up is not an option).

However, a waterproof layer in between the absorbent soaker layer and the bottom layer is helpful. It functions to prevent the absorbed liquid from leaking through to the bottom and thus protect the surface beneath.

There are many degrees in absorbency. This depends on the thickness of the material and the number of layers.  Millie Mats is made of 270 gsm soaker material. You will find washable pads being sold with differing specs, so make sure to check that you are getting one that will actually perform the best – absorbing and not leaking through.

If you are reading this, it would be safe to say that you have used disposable puppy pads or are still using them.  I used them too.  The best benefit with disposables is its convenience. It has more cons than pros.


  • It is not good for the earth. They are not reusable or recyclable and adds to the landfill.
  • It is aesthetically unpleasing. It is an eyesore to have your dog’s toilet so conspicuous in your surrounding.
  • Your dog loves to tear it up or drag around the house, creating mess on top of their mess.
  • It is more expensive than reusable, washable puppy pads.