Why Are Small Breeds So Hard To Train

We love these little munchkin dogs who are such great companions.  They literally can come with us wherever we go. We can pick them up like picking up our pocketbook and ran out the door with them in hand, if we wanted to.  They sit on our laps like cats (but much more friendly…sorry a bit bias) and let us stroke them for an unlimited amount of feel good hormones called oxytoxin.

Toilet Training Woes

Teacup chihuahua with pee pads

Everything seems so manageable with these small breeds, until you get to the toilet training bit.  They are infamous for being difficult in house breaking.  I know from experience that it can be a very frustrating and a costly inconvenience. I have tried every way I know how to train our teacup chihuahua, but nothing seemed to work.  You may think you are making progress one day when she holds it until you are outside.  You praise them and give them an over abundance of affection because you feel so relieved.  Then the following day, you stand by the door to take her out with such hope and pride, and then she goes on the floor, looks at you with pride because she thinks she’s done the right thing.  Why?

Size Matters

It is really not their fault.  Her vet explained that because of their size, they are easily disoriented.  They can run from one area of the house just a few feet away and think they are in the “outside” area where they can do their business.  And because we often pick them up and move them ourselves, they can get confused in understanding “no go” spaces from “go” spaces.

Give It A Go (pun intended)

How do we solve this issue?  Acceptance is the first step.  Accept that they have this limitation and arrange a way for them to easily recognize a space, which is accessible to them even without your help as their toilet.  Lay a Millie Mat washable Dog Training Mat in an area you have chosen to designate as their toilet and take them there first thing in the morning, right after they eat, last thing before going to bed and any other time you notice they need to go according to their habits.  After they have done their business, praise them and give them a treat. Keep repeating this and they will soon learn, at least from my experience, 75% of the time, they remember.  The 25% of the time, they might still miss.  If you know that they get excited when they think they are going out for a walk and goes by the door, have a Millie Mat ready in the area.

Try and Try Until You Succeed

A lot of times, dogs are given up because of frustrations in housebreaking them.  In as much as dogs are a man’s best friend, we, humans are our dog’s best friend.  And like good friends, a lot of patience in customising training relevant tot heir size and habits can go a long way to a beautiful lasting relationship.